What To Expect Before Getting A Brachioplasty (Arm Lift Surgery)?

Are you conscious about the way your arms look? Most women have unwanted fats in the arm area, and as spot reduction is not possible, it might be more difficult to lose arm fat even with enough exercise. If you want to have sculpted arms, then you may want to consider getting an arm lift surgery.

A Brachioplasty, or mostly known as an arm lift, is a surgical procedure to reshape and improve contour to the upper arms and the connecting area of the chest wall.

At Hasan Surgery in Dubai, we always focus not only during the treatment process, but we also pay attention to post-op care. By providing information and knowledge regarding the whole process, we aim to have our patients’ minds at ease. This is important for body contouring and sculpting surgeries, which can be extensive and require special care.

Read more to know about the Brachioplasty process:

When You Decide To Book an Appointment

If you’re getting an arm lift, you may ask how much time you should take off from work? We recommend you schedule at 1-2 weeks off from work. The healing and recovery after the surgery need more allotted time.

Take note that even after the 2 weeks off, you might be required to avoid specific activities until you are fully recovered. For people whose work involve strenuous physical activities, you’ll need an extended time of another week or two to wait for your full recovery.

When You Undergo the Arm Lift Procedure

Depending on the amount of sagging skin and excess fat, there are three methods to an arm lift surgery. If you have sagging arms due to moderate weight loss, then it is recommendable for you to undergo the mini arm lift or limited-incision procedure which is a minimal elimination of subcutaneous fat and loose skin. A small incision will be done, wherein excess fat shall be removed, and the sagging skin is tightened.

Full arm lift or the standard Brachioplasty is ideal after losing a significant amount of weight, especially after bariatric surgery. In this process, the incision will be done from the armpit to the elbow. Compared to a mini arm lift, the full arm lift involves longer incisions let the plastic surgeon tighten and smooth out more skin.

Lastly, for patients who have had a massive weight loss, it will be required for them to undergo the most extensive procedure which is called the extended Brachioplasty, where the incisions are done from the armpit to the elbow and then from the armpit down to the chest.

What to Expect After the Arm Lift Surgery Process?

You might wonder what will happen right after you had an arm lift surgery. Most patients experience pain and discomfort, but this is because of the effect of the general anesthetic. No worries as it will fade away after within a few hours.

When It’s the First Week of Recovery

When you just had your surgery and you’re still recovering for the first week, you can expect issues with pain and bruising. The pain can be managed with prescribed medications, while the bruising through cold compresses or Arnica gel. Patients should get plenty of rest during this time, though they should walk lightly in order to promote circulation and avoid blood clots.

After the first week of recovery, it is necessary to do a follow-up visit with your plastic surgeon in Dubai to monitor your progress— to check the incision sites. Attend all your follow-up visits to help with the full recovery process.

When It’s After the First Month

After the first month, you should be recovered enough to completely be back to your normal routine. Pain is no longer a major issue and major bruising should fade by then.

It’s still best to do follow-up visits with your plastic surgeon, to get additional recommendations regarding post-surgical care.

What to Expect in the Months Ahead

After a few months, there should be a noticeable improvement in the overall appearance of the arms and for the scar appearance as well. After the first year, the scars should start to fade.  

If you want to improve the shape of your arms, then it’s time to visit us here at Hasan Surgery in Dubai!