Skin Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Injectable Fillers*

Facial Volume/Filler Injection Filler injections are customized for every patient, depending on his or her particular needs.  These can be performed in areas involving the face and eyelid region, forehead, and lips.  Fillers cannot stop the process of aging.  They can...

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Botulina Toxins*

Clostridia botulina bacteria produce a class of chemical compounds known as “toxins”.  The Botulina Toxin A is processed and purified to produce a sterile product suitable for specific therapeutic uses.  Once the diluted toxin is injected, it produces a temporary...

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Scar Revision*

The surgical treatment of scars is a procedure frequently performed by plastic surgeons.  Scars are the unavoidable result of injuries, disease, or surgery.  It is impossible to totally remove the presence of a scar, yet plastic surgery may improve the appearance and...

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Skin Graft/Flap*

Skin Graft Surgery Skin graft surgery is frequently performed by plastic surgeons by using skin taken from one area of the body to restore skin coverage in other area(s).  Skin grafts help wounds heal that otherwise would not heal adequately.  Skin grafts are useful...

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Skin Excision*

Skin Cancer Surgery The surgical removal of skin cancer is a procedure frequently performed by plastic surgeons.  Because skin cancer will not disappear spontaneously, surgical removal is a treatment option.  There are many different techniques for removing skin...

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